Welcome Home, baby

This is the corner of the online space that's taking the world by storm as it breaks generational trauma in a way that's pleasurable & practical so that you can liberate yourself and the ones you love without the triggers of your past getting in the way. We're here to remodel the way we love, set a new standard in life, and recreate a life that is fully turned ON for generations to come.

Hey, I'm Laura Patricia Martin

A Trauma and Relationship Specialist and founder of Healing to Happy. I've helped hundreds of high-performing women around the globe heal their trauma by using unique approaches that help them tap back into their relaxation and call in the love they deeply desire (being ravished, supported, celebrated, and led by their man) without losing that savage energy that has driven them to the top of their fields.

My guess is you have done some work on yourself already but...

And you've had loads of success in your business and yet your relationships just aren't exactly where you'd like them to be...This is because you MUST stop entering into your relationships with the same savage energy you do your work.It's ok that you're not good at relationships... it's not your zone of genius... YETMy mission is to break through the shame many of us high-achievers have around trauma recovery and how it's affecting your relationship (because we love to be our own coaches and yet get stuck in survivor complexes and repeat patterns) and move through the darkness to get you back into that savage, turned-on state and ultimately back to having the supportive relationships you desire, making lots and lots of money and having the best s/ex of your life...Sounds fantastic, aye?

Not sure where to start?

Well, you're in luck because I'm a self-projector projector who loves to learn, create magic, and teach...If you're new here and want to catch the vibe, we have a f*ck ton of content for you to dive into over on IG, Podcast, and Youtube (first icons below).If you're ready to leap into healing then our bangin' product suite is where you want to land. It's where I cover topics around relationship patterns, attachment styles, codependency, boundaries, confidence, breakups, single seasons, dating, and more. (the cart icon)And then for you go-getters that want to do things at a high-level, deep dive, mind-blowing kind of way... VIP intensives, 1:1 mentorship, and BTS mastermind is where you want your booty to land. (the last two icons)Where are you starting? Come say hi!