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This is the corner of the online space where we delve into the REAL tools necessary to build and sustain positive, thriving relationships. Our approach blends neuroscience, psychology, somatic attachment therapy, feminine and masculine energetics, and a dash of spirituality to help you tap into your #prehousewifeera.Through our transformative processes, you'll explore how to Alchemize your love life from within, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself. By doing so, you'll open the doors to attract the love and intimacy you deeply crave.

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Meet Laura Patricia Martin

Meet Laura, the extraordinary mind behind Healing to Happy where she helps high-achieving women both attract and keep romantic love. As a Dating Coach & Trauma and Somatic Attachment Specialist, she brings a wealth of knowledge acquired through studying under renowned body-based trauma experts like Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Scott Lyons, and Dr. Siegel. Laura's personal journey, marked by surviving domestic violence and enduring challenging relationships, sparked an unyielding curiosity to uncover the secrets of thriving relationships. Laura has gone on to help hundreds of high-performing women around the globe to transform their relationships with themselves which revolutionized their relationships with others. With her unique mentoring style and authentic approach, Laura has become a sought-after mentor and teacher in her field.

Our guess is that you have done some work on yourself already but...

You're craving more connection, intimacy, love, and emotional security in your relationships.The reality is, most of us were never taught this essential skill. Our beliefs and expectations surrounding relationships are shaped by our unique experiences and influences, creating a personalized "blueprint" of what we believe a relationship should be like.This causes hiccups along the road-- especially when we've been exposed to less-than-ideal examples to what you're trying to call in or create (hello unavailable men & relationships that lack intimacy and make you feel like you're in the masculine role..)It's an art to be able to rewrite the blueprint but truthfully...The truth is that you have the power to break the cycle and redefine how love works in your life. It all starts with you.That's precisely our mission here: to transform your relational blueprint from within. Our aim is to help you create a love that transcends boundaries, ignites your soul, provides deep emotional connection, security, and passion. This love embraces both the romantic and spiritual aspects, supporting your personal growth journey (even in relationships with "normal" guys).

Not sure where to start?

Well, you're in luck because Laura's a self-projector projector with a Libra sun & rising + Aquarius moon who LOVES to learn, teach, and create some epic experiences for her community of Internet BFF's...We have memberships, masterminds, group coaching, and 1:1 mentorship-- pick your path, baby.(Did we mention we have the most extraordinary women in the world in our spaces so you can meet your future soul crush of a BFF?)And if you haven't yet, get your cute little bum over to our Podcast where we interview some of the leading experts in the Trauma & Relational Space for you to get a weekly dose of soul-medicine.You can find links for everything below.